Practice Areas

Prenuptial Agreements

Create a personalized financial plan for your marriage. Marriage creates community property, meaning shared ownership of earnings. You don’t have to agree to this default rule when you get married. This includes property splits and support payments in case of divorce.

Divorce and Separation

Divide assets, determine responsibilities for raising children, and set financial support obligations. To split two lives apart is inherently difficult. Understand the constructive actions you can take and legal solutions available to you.

Probate and Trust Administration

Hire an attorney to assist you, the personal representative or trustee, to ensure proper management and distribution of assets. This job is often more work and more complicated than the person named anticipates. Professional assistance can help avoid problems down the line.

Spousal and Child Support

Request or respond to modifications or terminations of support due to a change in circumstances. The financial resources of each ex-spouse will inevitably change after divorce and payments may need to be adjusted.

Contract Formation

Design a roadmap for a business relationship. A contract is simply a written set of instructions for individuals who have come together for a specific reason. Written with clarity and consideration of 'what if x happens' helps each party understand their role and responsibilities.

Estate Planning

Devise a plan to pass on property to others. Your estate consists of your assets and your financial obligations. A plan, such as a will or trust, and power of attorney can help your loved ones navigate a difficult time by making the right decisions for them.

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