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Legal Issues in Marriage & Divorce

The Key Thing to Know

Marriage affects your life in a practical way -- it changes your standard of living and access to money and property for perhaps the rest of your life, even if your relationship doesn't last that long.

Getting married creates a partnership where you share equally in success with your spouse, regardless of who has the success. Joining forces often increases the standard of living of at least one spouse, often both. It generally leads to a greater feeling of financial security and more financial freedom.

​The end of a relationship usually has the opposite effect due to splitting one household into two. The standard of living may be reduced. Short and long-term planning may need to be re-evaluated. The desire to end an incompatible personal relationship comes up against practical financial concerns related to money and property.

It can also be a rude awakening to many that cheating or other bad behavior does not affect the equal division of property or spousal support determinations. This can be especially difficult for the spouse who feels they have upheld the letter and spirit of their marriage vows.

Most people do not think about these issues initially because marriage is viewed as a personal relationship. Regardless, marriage still has financial consequences. Whether you want to set money and property rules before or after you get married, or determine financial obligations at the end of your relationship, talking through your options with an attorney may be beneficial.

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